Church Recorders
What is Church Recording? Church Recording is varied, interesting and fun. It is a valuable resource, not only for the Church, but for art historians, genealogists and insurers among others who rely on accurate information. Recorders are volunteers, detailing and researching and backed by the help of specialist experts. Most societies in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland support active Church Recording groups. Our thanks go to BDFAS for their continuing support. The Borders group have now completed their fifteenth church and are beginning their next one in Galashiels. If you would like to join the Recorders, please email Ray Cartwright at Recent News The   Borders   Church   Recording   team   have   recently   completed   recording   the   Episcopal   Church   of   the Holy   Trinity   in   Melrose.   This   will   be   the   team’s   fourteenth   record.   A   unique   feature   of   Holy   Trinity   lies   in its   windows   which   are   of   outstanding   quality.   There   are   a   total   of   twenty   five   windows   in   the   church. Most   have   some   stained   glass   incorporated   into   them   but   ten   of   them   depict   religious   scenes.   What makes   this   church   unique   is   that   we   have   uncovered   the   makers/designers   of   every   window.   Makers include   Kempe   of   London,   Mayer   &   Co.   of   Munich   and   London,   James   Powell   &   Son   of   London   and   the two   Edinburgh   firms,   William   Wilson   and   Ballantyne.   All   are   first   class   designers   and   this   collection   of windows is unrivalled in the Borders. However   a   mystery   remains!   One   window   in   the   Nave   com-   memorates   a   John   Meiklam   of   Gladswood and   was   dedicated   in   1882.   It   is   in   two   sections   and   shows   Christ   on   the   left   and   a   shepherd   on   the right.   At   their   feet   are   several   sheep,   one   of   which   bears   a   strange   mark   on   its   side   of   a   cross   within   a circle.   This   image   has   been   sent   to   three   national   experts   in   stained   glass   imagery   but   none   can   explain this mark and why it was put onto a sheep
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The     window     dedicated     to John   Meiklam   and   a   close   up of     the     sheep     with     the mystery mark on its side.