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We   are   a   Member   Society   of   The   Arts   Society,   which   was   founded   in   1968   to   promote   and   advance aesthetic   education,   to   cultivate   the   appreciation   and   study   of   the   decorative   and   fine   arts   and   to   aid the conservation of our national artistic heritage. Our   330   members   (we   are   the   second   largest   Society   in   Scotland)   come   from   a   large   area   ranging from   Peebles   in   the   west   to   Eyemouth   on   the   east   coast   and   from   Hawick   and   Jedburgh   in   the   south   to Lauder    in    the    north.    We    also    welcome    our    neighbours    from    Berwick-upon-Tweed    and    North Northumberland.  The   Tait   Hall   in   Kelso,   where   we   meet   for   lectures   is   a   large   venue   and   we   do   not   have   limits   on membership   numbers:   prospective   members   are   welcome   to   contact   the   Membership   Secretary   at   the number or email address given below. A selection of visits is offered each year, often to places of interest not normally open to the public. Opportunities are available for members to take part in the work of Church Recording and Heritage Volunteering and to help at lectures. Annual membership is £42 (single) or £75 (joint): please contact the Membership Secretary (details below) if you would like to join.
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President Evelyn, Duchess Of Sutherland Vice-President Melanie Houldsworth Chairman  Charmian Findlay Tel: 01573 410620 enquiries@asborders.org.uk Vice Chairman & Membership Secretary  Edythe Hogg 01573 229624 membership@asborders.org.uk Hon Secretary Carol Mitchell 01578 740679 Hon Treasurer Julie Chapman Purchas 07766 240337
Programme Secretary & Newsletter Caroline Donegall 01835 862413 Visits Secretaries  Jenny Hedgecoe 01835 824569 Jane Farr 01890 820211 Shelagh Townsend-Rose 01890 883934 VOLUNTEERS (Church Recorders, Heritage Volunteers & Trails of Discovery) Ray Cartwright 01289 304643 braesidelanglee@gmail.com  Audio Visual Team Harry Cockerill Tom Ingoldsby